EAL and the new English GCSE

Course Information

Teachers of English at GCSE level will be aware that writing about literature poses particular challenges to many of their students, not least those with English as an additional language. This course is designed to provide teachers with the understanding and skills to support their students to write at the required level of formality and nuance for GCSE English and give them confidence in their writing.

A full day course packed with strategies and advice for teachers to help their students become competent and confident writers in the new English GCSE.

Who should attend

Secondary English teachers and heads of department

What you will gain by attending the course

  • an enhanced ability to support students in producing more formal texts
  • new techniques for approaching essay planning at KS4
  • an awareness of the importance of modality/ degrees of certainty in writing about literary texts, and techniques for helping students achieve this in their writing

The course offers:

  • strategies to enhance the formality of students’ writing, such as Analytical Verbs and Nominalisation
  • strategies for answering a question and planning an essay, such as Zone of Relevance and Unpacking the Question
  • an introduction to modality and the features of texts which express modality well
  • opportunities for discussion and exchange of ideas with others

Course leader

Ann Elisabeth Jones is an independent consultant and trainer with a breadth of experience as a teacher and advisor in EAL at senior secondary level. She worked as head of the EMA departments at The John Ruskin Sixth Form College and later at Westwood High School, was Senior Secondary Consultant at the Islington EMA Service and more recently worked in the Tower Hamlets Sixth Form Literacy Scheme. Ann has also published several articles including ‘Race, Ethnicity and Education’ 2013 and holds a PhD in Education.

Course Details

Date: 12 October 2017

Time: 9.15 - 3.45

Price: £195+VAT

Location: Fulbridge School, Peterborough

Date: 2 November 2017

Time: 9.15 - 3.45

Price: £225+VAT

Location: Laycock PDC, Laycock Street, London, N1 1TH - a one minute walk from Highbury & Islington tube station

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Course Testimonial:

Engaging and challenging... we were taught by experienced, well-informed people who pitched the day appropriately

Head of English

All content delivered in a way that enabled me to envisage how I could relate it to my own needs

English Teacher

Excellent explanations of concepts. Lots of examples and strategies to use in the classroom…

English Teacher