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Developing literacy for a multilingual world

Welcome to The EAL Academy - school improvement specialists and leaders in the fields of academic literacy, ethnic minority achievement and English as an additional language

Do you have:
- pupils that understand the content of their GCSE or A-level course really well but struggle to write good exam answers?
- pupils whose English seems to be stuck and not getting any better?
- an increasing number of EAL pupils?
- teachers who are keen to develop their own EAL expertise?

We can help.

We are a school improvement business with a focus on the language of the classroom and subject-specific literacy.

We work with teachers, schools, school groups and local authorities to help pupils and students achieve and enable schools to flourish.

Our team of consultants, trainers and serving teachers have a breadth of experience gained both in the UK and internationally in the fields of academic literacy, ethnic minority achievement and English as an additional language.

Our training, consultancy and resources are tailored to meet your needs and maximise their impact with your team. Our training can be run as a twilight, a full day or a series of shorter sessions. We can work with individuals, small teams and larger whole school groups.


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What our clients say:

Colin Baxter

The series of courses, as well as the in-house tailored support have enabled our Academy to critically review its practice and processes to such an extent that we are now in a much stronger position to receive new arrivals, monitor and track their progress as well as support teaching and learning across the curriculum. Thank you!

Colin Baxter
Deputy Vice Principal, Thomas Deacon Academy

David Jackson

I wanted to thank you again for such an excellent training session.  The staff were energised and enthused by it and once again it has given the section a powerful platform for us all to develop our practice further.

David Jackson
Deputy Director, Lycée International British Section, Saint-Germain-en-Laye

Jacqy Stewart

Excellent collection of strategies that will work not only for EAL pupils but also for the rest of the class.

Jacqy Stewart
The Warren School, Dagenham

Jonny Massey

What an informative, interesting day. Your informal, easy delivery, underlined with intelligence, made for a great INSET.

Jonny Massey
Headteacher, The New School Rome

Karin Mortensen

I have been swept away by the EAL Academy’s professionalism, dedication, empathy, understanding and extensive knowledge of inclusion through language.

Karin Mortensen
Innovation Science Integration Group

Forthcoming courses

We offer training, consultancy and resources to address a range of needs including:

Beginners and those new to English

More advanced English as an additional language pupils who have plateaued

Refugee, high mobility, and Eastern European Roma communities

Academic literacy across the school and including post-16 study

Tables and chairs

Our Team

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