3L: Language and literacy for learning

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3L puts language at the heart of every teacher’s toolkit. Whether you are teaching Science, Mathematics or Art, whether you are teaching children in their primary language or not, this course can transform your work. By focusing on how pupils and teachers make meaning across the curriculum, 3L promotes an integrated, whole-school approach that allows all teachers to become effective teachers of literacy.

Better teaching for all through a better understanding of language

We are pleased to be partnering with Lexised Education to deliver this excellent virtual course.

3L  addresses central issues in the current Ofsted framework. The development of cultural capital is closely associated with the ability to read, write and speak formal English that is subject appropriate. It also requires the ability to express ideas with both clarity and nuance. Studying the full curriculum, be it the Key Stage 2 National Curriculum or Ebacc requires a growing grasp of how academic language works. At A-level the importance of subject specific academic literacy is intensified. The Education Endowment Foundation has also identified disciplinary literacy as an approach to improving literacy across the curriculum.

3L is currently available for 100% online delivery, but we will keep the situation under review.


Who is it for?

  • – 3L is relevant for all classroom teachers in all school contexts.
  • – 3L is aimed specifically at teachers working with pupils aged between 8 and 18 years.

What will I learn?

  • – how pupil literacy is a capacity for making meaning across the whole curriculum
  • – the ways that language underpins learning
  • – teaching practices that will build up pupils’ language and visual resources so that they can be successful learners across all learning areas
  • – teaching practices that address pupils’ language and learning needs in a holistic and explicit manner
  • – positive strategies for self-reflection and self-appraisal
  • – how to develop collaborative working relationships with other teachers across subject areas
  • – how to pass on your new understanding and skills to your whole school

How does it work?

  • This course teaches you  the skills you need in the classroom, but you also learn how to be a tutor for other teachers. This train-the-trainer method ensures that schools can benefit from our professional development in a cost-effective way that is school-managed.

    We refer to the courses we deliver as the Tutor Training, and the courses you then deliver as the Teacher Course.




    We deliver Tutor Training in intensive multi-day courses to small groups of up to 10 teachers online (synchronously). 3L is structured as a 4-day tutor course.


    Once you have successfully completed the Tutor Training course, you will be a Licensed Tutor. This allows you to deliver the Teacher Course, which incorporates group workshops, classroom-based activities and highly practical readings.

    The course entails 20 hours of face-to-face learning, which, when combined with between-module readings and activities, is equivalent to more than 45 hours of professional development for teachers.

    How is 3L designed?

3L practices what it preaches. Participants learn through interactive activities, supporting videos, high quality  readings that explore what key research tells us, presentations and, above all, a highly knowledgeable and experienced tutor. Course participants receive a tutor manual, a participant manual and access to the resources they need to teach the course in their school.

The EAL Academy is also able to offer (at no additional cost) access to a tutor discussion forum, where licensed tutors can discuss course implementation issues with other tutors and our team as they teach the course.  We can also offer (at rates agreed with the school) more intensive consultancy to support course delivery and an in class coaching programme for teachers to support  the transfer of new skills and knowledge directly to the classroom.

Applying for the course

Our next 3L Tutor Training will be delivered over 4 days during the Autumn term

The cost of the 3L Tutor Training is £2,495 (exclusive of UK VAT). This price includes a hard copy of the tutor training materials which will be sent to you in advance.

To register for the course please complete the booking form on this page.

Course Details

Date: Dates and the mix of face to face and virtual learning will be confirmed soon.


Price: £2,495 (exclusive of UK VAT)

Location: To be confirmed

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