The achievement of pupils of Caribbean heritage (online course)

Course Information

This course explains the full extent of the underachievement and overexclusion of pupils of Caribbean heritage. It challenges why that happens and explores how we can make things very different and very positive. It describes steps that can and have been taken successfully to address the issues. It supports participants in thinking through what they need to do in their school.

A twelve hour online course on the achievement of Black Caribbean and Mixed White and Black Caribbean pupils.

We have created a new range of 12 hour online units in a similar format to our popular 6 unit online course. All of our online courses are fully tutored by experienced online trainers and involve interactions with other course participants via our online forum. Click here to learn more about our existing accredited online EAL course. If you are considering applying for the accredited course please be aware that it is not possible to convert the stand alone units into credits towards the accredited version due to the moderation requirements of The University of Greenwich.


This course is for

  • primary and secondary class teachers
  • support staff and teaching assistants
  • senior leaders

What you will gain from this course

  • insights into the evidence about the scale of Caribbean underachievement in England
  • practical strategies to employ in your school to think through how you address the underachievement issue

The course

  • tells you what the DfE and Ofsted have said about Caribbean underachievement
  • highlights examples of good practice
  • considers ways to promote a positive whole school ethos

Course Tutor

Chiaka Amadi worked for 14 years as EAL Co-ordinator in a large secondary school. As a local authority adviser, she has managed two national research projects on ethnicity, language and equality, and trained and advised governing bodies and leadership teams in preparation for Ofsted inspections.

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Time: Any time

Price: £155 plus VAT

Location: 100% online

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