Completing your EAL proficiency and language data census return

Course Information

The Department for Education now requires schools to submit proficiency levels for all EAL learners in the school census which takes place in October 2017. This course will help participants understand the requirements and offers tools and strategies for making the process as smooth and reliable as possible. Participants will consider real pupil case studies enabling them to make informed professional judgments about their own EAL learners and to improve practice across the school.

A  half day, practical course to help your school assess EAL learners and meet the DfE requirements on assessment

Who should attend

primary and secondary: school leaders, inclusion managers, EAL coordinators, class teachers

What you will gain

  • an understanding of the DfE expectations for collecting language information and making proficiency judgements for pupils with English as an additional language
  • tools and strategies to use in your school to accurately assess your EAL learners
  • knowledge on how to use data to improve practice in working with your EAL learners

Key content

The course offers:

  • information and guidance on the collection of accurate data about languages spoken by EAL learners
  • case studies to inform the process of making judgements on EAL learners’ proficiency and prior learning
  • advice on meeting the statutory guidance on assessment
  • opportunity for professional discussion about effective assessment of progress of EAL learners


Catharine Driver is a consultant and trainer for English EAL and Academic Literacy. She has wide experience of working in multilingual schools and local authorities across the UK and expertise in the collection and analysis of data to raise achievement at whole school and departmental level. Catharine recently worked as senior adviser for the British Council EAL Nexus project and is currently Secondary Schools Adviser at the National Literacy Trust.


Course Details

Date: 27 September 2017

Time: 9:30 - 12.30

Price: £120+VAT

Location: Laycock PDC, Laycock Street, London, N1 1TH - a one minute walk from Highbury & Islington tube station

Date: 16 November 2017

Time: 9.30 - 12.30

Price: £99+VAT

Location: Fulbridge Academy, Peterborough

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Course Testimonial:

Eye opening! Lots of inforation delivered in an easy to understand way - really well pitched.

Class Teacher

This gave me a good depth of knowledge on how to look at data to see how my students are doing and how I can help them achieve.

Language Development Coach

- useful to clarify whole school structures /legality ... much more empowered to deliver staff training. Thank you.

Deputy Head /INCO

A good concise training session telling me exactly what we needed to know... I have left the session with an accurate action plan.

Deputy Head Teacher / Inclusion Lead

Clear. Addressed potential misconceptions. Case studies were helpful for boosting confidence.


Excellent use of information to inform future EAL goals.

EAL Coordinator

I now know what I need to do!

Assistant Head Teacher

This process needs to occur imminently so couldn't be more useful ... I feel fully equipped to implement system in school.

Inclusion Lead

The course was fast and pacy giving lots of information and the chance to discuss with groups.

Assistant Head Teacher / Inclusion

Very clear - improved my understanding of the DfE requirements... I'm going to prepare staff meeting for Monday based on what I have learnt today.

Assistant Head /EAL Coordinator

Excellent delivery. Made a confusing subject as clear as it could be! And very approachable re future questions.