Raising Roma achievement

Course Information

This course brings together approaches and practice in English and Welsh schools which have had proven impact in raising achievement in new Roma communities - some are Roma specific and others are based on world class provision for EAL. Whilst the focus of the course is on raising achievement of new Roma communities, the strategies advocated are transferable and provide a blueprint for addressing the issues of any group which is significantly underachieving, and will encourage an even stronger approach to inclusion across the whole school.

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A one day course packed with successful strategies for engaging with new Roma communities and promoting better education outcomes

Who should attend

  • primary and secondary teachers, middle and senior management with strategic responsibility for English as an additional language learners and Roma heritage pupils

What you will gain by attending the course

  • a greater understanding of how to promote positive educational outcomes for the new Roma communities and EAL learners of all backgrounds
  • more than 100 proven strategies for raising achievement of pupils from the new Roma communities
  • a range of resources and policy templates to assist in forming a whole school approach to ensuring better education outcomes for Roma and other EAL learners

Key content

The course covers the following topics in relation to EAL learners and Roma heritage pupils:

  • outlines the induction process and ascription of students
  • presents a range of strategies that are proven to raise achievement
  • shows how to use data to inform practice
  • details the use of monitoring and tracking led interventions
  • considers the importance of developing a whole school ethos in relation to Roma pupils

Course leader

Mark Penfold, a teacher for more than 30 years, has more recently been Lead Teacher for Ethnic Minority Achievement at Babington Community College, Leicester. He has written two manuals, and presented at workshops and seminars on delivering EAL in secondary schools. He is becoming more widely known for his successful work in engaging with the new migrant Roma communities.

Mark is a founding trustee of The Roma Education Support Trust, a UK based charity which promotes better education outcomes for Roma heritage pupils across Europe. He has been invited to speak in the European Parliament, and is working with the ministry of education in Slovakia and three schools in the Czech Republic to create centres of excellence in educating Roma young people.

Mark believes that the successful work with Roma pupils is based in sound EAL practice.

Mark is involved in the INSCHOOL project “Inclusive Schools: Making a Difference for Roma children” (INSCHOOL). This is a joint project of the European Union and Council of Europe focusing on inclusive education for Roma children. For further details click here.

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Course Testimonial:

Thank you for the great insight into our Roma students and the brilliant successes your students have made. A very worthwhile course.


…what you proposed and demonstrated was coherent and principled and practical. It gave me new perspectives and quite concrete ideas on how to improve my own practice.

Primary Teacher

Thanks for an insightful, interesting and informative session

Secondary Teacher

We are emailing to say a huge thank you to Mark Penfold for delivering a fantastic training course … he provided us with a multitude of resources, answered all our queries and provided everyone with great guidance and direction. A truly fantastic speaker. Thank you!


Lots of good insight and background information about Roma which I was previously unaware of. This will help me in my role as I feel I have a better understanding of their culture.

Teaching Assistant

Nice to hear from someone who has experienced similar situations to our school and has come out the other side.

Class Teacher

I'm looking forward to adapting our induction policy to ensure it fully meets needs and expectations of new arrivals and their parents.

Inclusion Manager

Thank you for the encouragement Mark. You are an inspiration and I am hoping to be able to provide as much as you have for our Roma pupils.

EAL Coordinator