EAL Academy Newsletter March 2022

Welcome to our second newsletter of 2022.

In this issue

  • – Take a look at our free resources
  • – Celebrate your achievements with the EAL Quality Mark
  • – EAL funding for schools by Local Authority (LA)
  • – Book a place on our accredited online EAL training

Resources you can access for free
The latest additions to the free resource downloads section of our website are:

  • – EAL funding for schools by LA
  • – the percentage of pupils taking a language GCSE who are native speakers of the language
  • – languages spoken by LA

In addition, we highly recommend Wollow. Its resources are designed to help “pupils…to love words and love how their own language works” and “to be filled with the wonder of how languages intermingle.” You may also find these Australian first language assessment tools useful.

Celebrate your achievements with the EAL Quality Mark
The EAL Quality Mark is a self-assessment tool for schools supported by a visit from one of our assessors. You can find out more about the EAL Quality Mark in this short video featuring schools who have successfully achieved the Silver or Gold EAL Quality Mark.

EAL funding for schools by LA
Every year local English authorities are allowed to allocate a small proportion of school budgets on the basis of the number of EAL pupils in each school who have been learning English for up to three years. The research tells us that it takes five to ten years for an EAL pupil to catch up with native English speakers, but the Department for Education does not seem to show a lot of interest in EAL research. It does, however, publish the funding details.

Almost all local authorities allocate between £1000 and £2000 per pupil. The outliers above £2000 are Westminster and Manchester. Below £1000 are Essex, Haringey, Walsall, East Riding of Yorkshire, Central Bedfordshire, St Helens and the City of London (which doesn’t have a secondary school). You can get details of the EAL funding for both primary and secondary schools in all English local authorities in our free resource downloads.

Accredited online EAL training
2012 sees the tenth anniversary of our six unit online EAL course, accredited by the University of Greenwich. What do recent graduates say about it?

“I really enjoyed the course, I’ve found it informative and useful and I can see how I can apply my learning within an educational setting to support my EAL learners more holistically.”  Rachel Wan, Grove Academy, Watford

“I would like to take this opportunity to say how much I have enjoyed the course. It has enhanced and informed my teaching and formed the basis of a presentation that I hope to deliver to the whole school in the New Year as we move towards our objective of improving EAL provision in the school.”
Jo Marceau, Geneva English School

We will welcome the next cohort on 15 March. Email contact@theealacademy.co.uk to request a booking form.

If you would like to discuss any of our courses or resources, please get in touch (you can email me or call me on +44 (0)20 3488 2700). Most of all, stay safe.

Rebecca Smith
The EAL Academy
e: rebecca@theealacademy.co.uk
t: +44 (0)20 3488 2700
w: http://www.theealacademy.co.uk

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