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EAL Academy Newsletter November 2021

Welcome to our newsletter. In this issue: >Book your place on our free webinars >Access our free resources >Find out about languages spoken in schools >Sign up for our accredited online EAL...

  • Rebecca Smith
  • 8th November 2021

What data did for me: part 1

I am often asked about the graphs I post on social media that try to present a little of the vast wealth of education data in the public domain, especially...

  • Graham Smith
  • 2nd November 2021

“Academic language is…no one’s mother tongue”

I suspect I have been dipping in and out of Pierre Bordieu since before Robert Sharples was born. So how did I not know that wonderful academic language line from...

  • Graham Smith
  • 1st October 2021

EAL Academy Newsletter September 2021

This is our first newsletter of the new school year.  We are delighted to be to spending much more time in schools in person this term, but also maintaining our online offer....

  • Graham Smith
  • 8th September 2021

Flying the flag for Gold standard EAL provision in the City of Bristol

Located just to the east of Bristol city centre, Barton Hill Academy aspires to be a flagship school for high quality EAL provision in their Venturers Trust – and the...

  • Graham Smith
  • 31st August 2021

Congratulations to Chorlton High, the first secondary school to win the Gold EAL Quality Mark

The south Manchester suburb of Chorlton is home to this secondary school where just over one third of the students are EAL learners. Thirty-eight languages are spoken in the school,...

  • Graham Smith
  • 8th July 2021

EAL Academy Newsletter July 2021

This is our last newsletter before the summer break. While we have embraced Zoom and launched a new webinar series this year we were really pleased to begin visiting schools...

  • Rebecca Smith
  • 2nd July 2021

A Gold EAL Quality Mark for Clapham Terrace Primary School

Clapham Terrace Community Primary School and Nursery in Leamington Spa sits in the centre of the Old Town and has dedicated itself to being at the heart of that community....

  • Graham Smith
  • 28th June 2021

Gold EAL Quality Mark for North Ormesby Primary Academy in Middlesbrough

If you live in North Ormesby, you are three times less likely to have a degree level qualification than in the country as a whole. If you are an adult...

  • Graham Smith
  • 17th June 2021
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