We are a team of school improvement specialists, consultants and leaders in the fields of literacy, English as an additional language and ethnic minority achievement.

English GCSE in FE Colleges

Young people who have failed their English GCSE at school now have to try it again at the age of 17 and, if that doesn’t work, at the age of 18. It...

  • Graham Smith
  • 8th November 2018

A confession about proficiency scales

I have a confession to make. When many in the EAL world were trying to persuade the DfE to introduce a the national EAL assessment system we know now as...

  • Graham Smith
  • 13th October 2018

Giving school governors time to talk

Over the last twelve months I have found myself asked to do more and more governor training. Having first been a governor (and Chair of Governors) in 1986, I have...

  • Graham Smith
  • 1st August 2018

Improving the delivery of VET mobility programmes in the EU – Erasmus

In June we met with our Erasmus+ Interculturality-Mobility project partners in Nicosia, Cyprus, for the programme’s final conference and partnership meeting. Further information on the event can be found in the...

  • Rebecca Smith
  • 26th July 2018

First special school to win Gold Award for the EAL Quality Mark

When I visited The Phoenix School in Peterborough in June, it was just over a year on from its being awarded the Silver EAL Quality Mark. During that visit our...

  • Graham Smith
  • 23rd July 2018

Erasmus – Interculturality mobility project

Since October 2016 we have been  working with five partner organisations in Cyprus, France, Italy and the UK on developing the intercultural dimension of Vocational Education and Training. You can find...

  • Rebecca Smith
  • 28th February 2018

What do the data tell us about EAL pupils?

When the 2016 GCSE results were released on the DfE’s performance table web site a school in Yorkshire came bottom of the EAL league table. I have a little trepidation...

  • Graham Smith
  • 25th September 2017

Phoenix School, Peterborough, receives Silver award for EAL Quality Mark

In May 2017, Sue Smith from the EAL Academy and I visited the Phoenix School, Peterborough to verify their self assessment for the EAL Quality Mark. This school is for...

  • Sara Mclaughlin
  • 11th September 2017

Pauline Gibbons, Jim Cummins and Stephen Krashen in Copenhagen

EAL in International Schools

  • Graham Smith
  • 4th July 2017

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