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Gold EAL Quality Mark Awarded to Featherstone Primary School

At Featherstone Primary and Nursery School in West London, the overwhelming majority of the pupils (some 95%) use a language other than English in their daily lives. The largest language...

  • Graham Smith
  • 9th July 2019

Ørestad skole (Dansk)

I slutningen af 2017 og begyndelse af 2018 deltog lærere fra Ørestad skole i vores kursus   ”Integration af nye elever med dansk som andet sprog i den alminelige folkeskole” afholdt...

  • Graham Smith
  • 10th April 2019

Ørestad Skole in Copenhagen

In late 2017 and early 2018 teachers from Ørestad Skole attended some training we ran in Copenhagen on meeting the needs of international new arrivals in mainstream classrooms. The purpose...

  • Graham Smith
  • 10th April 2019

What is the best boys’ school in England?

Many people will tell you that it must be somewhere like St Paul’s or Eton with their extraordinary Oxbridge success rates, but how many of these boys’ parents are Oxbridge...

  • Graham Smith
  • 5th March 2019

The performance of EAL pupils at GCSE in 2018: the headlines

The national GCSE data (it is the 2018 data despite the DfE’s mistake on the page heading) and individual secondary school outcomes, including the performance of EAL pupils,  were released...

  • Graham Smith
  • 21st February 2019

A Gold EAL Quality Mark for Sydenham Primary School in Leamington Spa

The school has a very thorough approach to policies and practice, ensuring that the whole school staff and parents are aware of good practice for EAL. Staff are able to...

  • Graham Smith
  • 11th January 2019

The performance of EAL pupils at Key Stage 2 in 2018: the headlines

The national Key Stage 2 data released in December have much to tell us about the performance of EAL pupils across England and the expectations we might have for our...

  • Graham Smith
  • 9th January 2019

English GCSE in FE Colleges

Young people who have failed their English GCSE at school now have to try it again at the age of 17 and, if that doesn’t work, at the age of 18. It...

  • Graham Smith
  • 8th November 2018

A confession about proficiency scales

I have a confession to make. When many in the EAL world were trying to persuade the DfE to introduce a the national EAL assessment system we know now as...

  • Graham Smith
  • 13th October 2018

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