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Gold EAL Quality Mark Awarded to Lea Forest Primary Academy in Birmingham

The data tell us an interesting story. Lea Forest is a Birmingham primary school where around a third of pupils have English as an additional language and just over one...

  • Graham Smith
  • 25th February 2020

How does it feel to be a pupil with English as an additional language in the EYFS?

For many children with English as an additional language, starting in nursery or reception may be a difficult and sometimes traumatic transition from the home environment.  I think putting yourself...

  • Graham Smith
  • 14th February 2020

Newsletter – Spring term 2020

Developing literacy for a multilingual world Welcome to our first newsletter of 2020, keeping you up to date with current developments in EAL. This issue includes: Key Stage 2 outcomes for EAL pupils...

  • Graham Smith
  • 30th January 2020

The performance of EAL pupils at Key Stage 2 in 2019: the headlines

The national Key Stage 2 data released in December have much to tell us about the performance of EAL pupils across England and the expectations we might have for our...

  • Graham Smith
  • 13th January 2020

Can an online EAL course really make a difference in your classroom?

You’ve got EAL pupils in your classroom. Some are newly arrived and have little or no English. Some are fairly advanced and need regular support. In some cases you aren’t...

  • Graham Smith
  • 29th November 2019

EAL CPD: what, where, when, who and how?

This article first appeared in a slightly shorter version in EAL Journal Autumn 2019. How it works This is how the best CPD works. A Senior Leadership Team invites you...

  • Graham Smith
  • 25th November 2019

Congratulations to Norwood Green Infant and Nursery School on achieving the Gold EAL Quality Mark

The corridor displays in Norwood Green Infant and Nursery School are designed not only to represent some of the ‘exciting writing’ themes the children have explored, but also to provide...

  • Graham Smith
  • 28th October 2019

A review of Second Language Learners in International Schools

Maurice Carder with Patricia Mertin and Sarah Porter (2018) Second Language Learners in International Schools UCL Institute of Education Press Maurice Carder is a hugely distinguished figure in our profession. ...

  • Graham Smith
  • 14th October 2019

Second Suffolk school gets Gold EAL Award

Whitehouse Primary school in Ipswich follows Handford Hall  in becoming the second Suffolk primary school to receive the EAL Quality Mark Gold Award. These two wonderful schools are, however, very...

  • Graham Smith
  • 7th October 2019
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