We are a team of school improvement specialists, consultants and leaders in the fields of academic literacy, English as an additional language and ethnic minority achievement.

Babington Community College

Babington Community College’s outstanding practice with EAL pupils has been noticed before. In 2013 Ofsted remarked said: “The school provides outstanding support to promote literacy, particularly for those students newly...

  • Graham Smith
  • 23rd May 2017

Hampton Hargate awarded the GOLD EAL Quality Mark

Sara McLaughlin talks about a school that lives and breathes a shared understanding of what it means to support a culturally and linguistically diverse community. The main thing that I...

  • Sara Mclaughlin
  • 10th April 2017

EAL and Ofsted

Consider this gem from an Ofsted report: “Pupils … who speak English as an additional language … make progress in line with other pupils.” (Horsendale Primary School, Nottingham, July 2013)....

  • Graham Smith
  • 1st March 2017

Fulbridge Academy

One of the great pleasures of the work we do at the EAL Academy is coming across schools with outstanding EAL practice and provision. Over the next few months we...

  • Graham Smith
  • 9th February 2017

Goldington Green Academy Lower School, Bedford, achieves the EAL Quality Mark gold award

In my capacity as an assessor for the EAL Academy’s Quality Mark – an award granted by the EAL Academy to schools showing excellence in catering for the needs of EAL...

  • Sara Mclaughlin
  • 6th February 2017

Where do you find good advice about new arrivals?

So if the law is clear that beginners in English need to be in mainstream classrooms in mainstream schools, what do we actually do with them? The first thing to...

  • Graham Smith
  • 11th September 2014

The Best Place For A Beginner Is…

Xian was a new arrival in Year 8 and as near to absolutely no English as you are ever likely to see. As the Head of EAL in a Newham...

  • Graham Smith
  • 5th August 2014
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