Our contributions to other publications

A review of Second Language Learners in International Schools

Originally published in the EAL Journal.

How an FE college transformed GCSE English results for EAL learners

Working with the EAL Academy, The College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London turned around outcomes for GCSE resit students who were non-native speakers.

EAL in International Schools

Graham Smith reports in the EAL Journal on a recent International Schools conference that had much to contribute to the debate at home.

How schools are breaking down the language barrier for EAL students

The number of students who speak foreign languages at home has risen by 20% in five years. Nick Morrison explores the integration and teaching strategies being used in schools.

How handwriting is helping EAL pupils to leap the language barrier

To develop fluency, teachers are encouraging students with English as an additional language to put pen to paper.

EAL: How London’s pupils are winning the postcode lottery

Students arriving in schools without fluent English can thrive, but it depends where they live and how their schools use their pupil premium pot.

A confession about proficiency scales

Originally published in the EAL Journal.

EAL and the New Assessment World

In this guest blog for the English & Media Centre, Graham Smith discusses the tricky issue of assessing EAL learners in English.

EAL and Lockdown

This blog on remote working with EAL pupils appears on the National Education Union’s remote learning portal.

What our clients say:
Thank you for the excellent course, I have learned so much!

Alison Hek

Lead TA and HLTA for Learning Support, Tewkesbury School
I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It made me reflect on my daily practice with EAL pupils and students. The studies enriched my knowledge and give me new insight on how to carefully use the information provided by parents.

Souad Aissa

Ethnic Minority Achievement Team, Middlesbrough Council
The structure has worked really well for me, helping me to manage my time around work. The communication from the tutors has also been great.

Christina Dack

Lynn Grove High School, Norfolk
I have thoroughly enjoyed the unit and the course as a whole.

Anna Reeves

Zurich International School