The EAL Academy offers a range of approaches to assist schools in addressing the diverse needs of their pupils, including those with English as an additional language.

Bringing together specialist in English as an additional language, ethnic minority achievement, and the teaching of academic language, we offer training which is firmly rooted in whole school development, empowering teachers and leaders to effect change throughout the school.

Our training takes many different forms: from the single day course attended by a teacher through to our in-class coaching teacher development programme, there is training appropriate for every situation.

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Underpinning the EAL Academy's work is the belief that rather than posing a problem, EAL learners present schools with exciting opportunities - getting it right for these learners will benefit the whole school and often in the most astonishing of ways. Our consultancy services, which form the lion's share of our work, are all aimed at delivering just that whole school change.

Our consultancy work is grounded in a deep understanding of what makes a school tick in a multicultural setting, rigorous analysis of data, and a thoughtful appreciation of the context. We begin by assessing the needs of your school, your teachers, your EAL learners and your community, and work with you to design an approach which meets those needs, shaping and adapting our training and consultancy to suit your situation.

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As a support to our consultancy and training work, we have a developed a number of resources for teachers and schools to help them when we are not standing by their side.

Our EAL Handbook, developed through our work with Peterborough City Council, has proved extremely popular with schools and teachers with whom we have worked in a consultancy capacity. It provides a step by step guide to implementing a strategy across the school for working with English as an additional language learners. It also provides a way of sustaining the knowledge when we are no longer working with the client, and for those who want to go-it-alone, it can be an extremely useful guide.

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