The EAL Academy offers strategic consultancy for schools, local authorities and academy trusts

Underpinning the EAL Academy's work is the belief that ...

rather than posing a problem, EAL learners present schools with exciting opportunities – getting it right for these learners will benefit the whole school and often in the most astonishing of ways. Our consultancy services, which form the lion’s share of our work, are all aimed at delivering just that whole school benefit.

Our consultancy work is grounded in a deep understanding of what makes a school tick in a multicultural setting, rigorous analysis of data, and a thoughtful appreciation of the context. We begin by assessing the needs of your school, your teachers, your EAL learners and your community, and work with you to design an approach which meets those needs, shaping and adapting our training and consultancy to suit your situation.


We work with schools, groups of schools and local authorities. Through our experience we have found that positive change takes place best when working with a group of schools, perhaps through a local authority or academy trust, where we are able to set up peer support systems and the sharing of experience between schools which endures beyond the relatively brief window of our help.


Peterborough City Council

The EAL Academy has recently completed a four year project for Peterborough City Council to develop effective EAL provision and practice in some 60 schools across the city.  Our work has shown significant increases in EAL attainment and achievement, and we have left an enduring legacy of highly effective school to school support for EAL.

Students looking through microcope


Building on several years of work with Danish schools, in 2015-16 we provided  a comprehensive package  for schools in Hørsholm, which included briefings for key professional and political leaders and training for school leaders and teaching and support staff, resulting in a clear and unified approach to meeting the needs of new arrivals across the local authority.

We have  further developed this strategic approach with a number of Danish councils, including Copenhagen where we are now in our third year of a major  programme working with schools, and the council’s advisory team as well as senior council staff and politicians.

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Underpinning the EAL Academy's work is the belief that rather than posing a problem, EAL learners present schools with...

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What our clients say:

Jonathan Lewis

The EAL Academy works equally effectively in classrooms and at a strategic level. The outcome is more confident schools and much improved results.

Jonathan Lewis
Service Director for Education at Peterborough City Council