In-class coaching

The EAL Academy's in-class coaching teacher development programme

Imagine ...

an EAL expert working alongside you guiding and helping you in your classroom for a whole morning!

Imagine then if this EAL expert sat down with you to review the morning and help you plan strategies and develop resources so that the next day would be better.

Imagine if that morning turned into six days – six whole days of working closely with your EAL expert.

Imagine if, with the support of your EAL expert, you were able to share your experiences and the expertise you had acquired over those six days with your colleagues so that the whole school could benefit.


The EAL Academy now offers just such a programme with their In-Class Coaching Teacher Development Programme.

Description of the programme


  • Teachers work alongside an expert practitioner to plan, teach and evaluate a series of lessons
  • Teachers translate what we know about EAL into effective, everyday classroom practice for pupils new to English and those who need to further develop their academic literacy
  • Teachers try out new strategies in a safe, supported environment
  • Teachers reflect with the coach on what has been effective
  • Teachers strengthen their practice and extend their repertoire of teaching strategies
  • Teachers create with their coach new resources customised to your curriculum and your pupils


  • It is 100% practical and hands on
  • It embeds effective teaching strategies
  • It disseminates good practice across phases, year groups and departments
  • It provides a safe space to innovate and experiment
  • It models the best practice
  • It gives teachers detailed and supportive feedback
  • It develops teachers to take an EAL leadership or expert role within the school
  • It has significant impact for individual teachers, teams of teachers and the whole school
  • It improves pupil motivation, attainment and progress


  • One hour scoping meeting with a senior leader in order to define the school’s need and identify teachers for the programme
  • Two hour initial workshop to develop detail and a partnership agreement with identified teachers
  • Six days of teaching, planning and evaluating with teachers planning lessons, modelling specific strategies, co-teaching, feeding back on teaching, creating new resources customised to your curriculum and your pupils
  • Half day dissemination to colleagues

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What our clients say:

Chelsey Holland

It has been a pleasure working alongside you through the in-class coaching programme. Sam was able to provide bespoke support targeted at the needs of our school and children, supporting us with direct classroom teaching as well as wider guidance for the whole school to benefit from.

Chelsey Holland
Year 2 Teacher, Cliff Lane Primary School