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Supporting the learning of pupils with English as an additional language in multicultural settings

A fully interactive, university accredited and tutored online course

When a day course is just not enough to get you fully on top of the situation…

When you can’t take time out of school to train …

When you really need a more in-depth understanding to work with your English as an Additional Language learners…

Then it’s time to enrol in one of our online courses – Meeting the needs of your EAL learners or Ethnic Minority Achievement

How does the course work?

This is a part-time course lasting six months, requiring approximately 100 hours of study. Much of the learning can be done as part of your normal weekly workload.

Each unit consists of short reading or viewing tasks. You respond via an online forum where you can engage with other course candidates and your unit tutor. You will also complete a short written assessment for each unit (300-400 words). These assessments are in response to materials read and/or small-scale action research in the educational setting where you work.

Your choice of focus and units enables you to tailor the course to suit your interests and the needs of your school.

The course aims to:

  • Raise awareness of the issues surrounding the achievement of ethnic minority pupils including pupils with English as an additional language (whether new to English and more advanced learners)
  • Increase understanding of current theory in this area
  • Encourage reflection on a range of learning and teaching skills

On successful completion of this course a participant will be able to:

  • demonstrate an understanding of the key issues in the national debate around the achievement of pupils learning EAL
  • demonstrate an understanding of some of the key issues in bilingualism and language development
  • consider, plan and evaluate effective support for the learning and language development of beginner and advanced learners of EAL
  • demonstrate an understanding of the factors that are likely to affect the emotional, social and academic development of newly arrived pupils
  • evaluate and select effective methods of assessing pupils learning English as an additional language

On achieving this you will receive a certificate of completion confirming your award of 10 credits at Level 5 from the University of Greenwich. The quality, experience and reputation of our trainers make these courses highly regarded throughout the education community both within the UK and abroad.

Your course options

Select course focus English as an additional Language


Ethnic minority achievement


Complete 4 compulsory units


Data: the big picture

EAL beginners in the classroom

Advanced EAL learners

Assessment and tracking

Data: the big picture

Language Development & Bilingualism

Gender and Ethnicity

Parents and Community

Select 2 further units


a)    Gypsy, Roma and Traveller pupils

b)    Early years and diversity

c)    Ofsted and the legal context

d)    Refugees and new arrivals

e)    African Caribbean and Mixed Heritage Pupils

f)     Gender and ethnicity

g)    Parents and the community

a)    Gypsy, Roma and Traveller pupils

b)    Early years and diversity

c)    Ofsted and the legal context

d)    Refugees and new arrivals

e)    African Caribbean and Mixed Heritage Pupils

Who can apply?

The course is open to anyone working in education, in all key stages, in mainstream and special schools, and specialist settings. It is suitable for both teachers and non-teaching staff (such as teaching assistants, community workers and learning mentors) who are interested in working with pupils and their families.

How do I apply?

To apply for this course, please email to request an application form.

Please note that non-graduate applicants will have to demonstrate their experience in this field and their suitability for enrolment on the course through a 150-word pre-course letter of application outlining:

  • Experience in education
  • Reasons for pursuing the course
  • Outline of current role

 How much does it cost?

Our accredited online EAL/EMA course costs £725 (excluding VAT).

What if the accredited course isn’t right for me?

If you want a greater understanding of the issues and strategies involved in working with EAL and ethnic minority learners, but cannot commit to the accredited course, we offer an alternative option. Our certificated course provides you with access to the same content and materials as the accredited course but requires less hours of study and shorter assessment tasks. This option is not university accredited, but on completion you receive a certificate from our organisation. This alternative course costs £495 (excluding VAT).

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