School Based Training

All our short delegate courses can be run in-school for multiple members of staff and tailored to your school’s particular needs. If you would like to discuss this with one of our trainers or consultants, please send us a message here and one of our team will be in touch with you to discuss how best to shape the training to support the particular needs of your school.

Our in-school courses are appropriate to your school’s needs, offer training to as many staff as will benefit, provide excellent value for money, and most importantly, ensure a unified approach across the school.

Some of the more popular school-based training courses are:

Academic Literacy

This course supports the teaching of academic literacy across the curriulum.  It is based on an understanding of functional linguistics (Halliday) and focusses on the language demands of studying academic subjects  It covers tone, the language of nuance and text structures demanded by different subjects.

Advanced EAL Learners

This course provides successful strategies for developing the language skills of more advanced learners with English as an additional language in mainstream classrooms. It has a focus on building the relationship between speaking and listening and academic language and literacy skills. Participants on this course will develop greater awareness of the issues affecting attainment and learn proven, practical strategies that will make a positive difference to results.

Closing the gap and staying one step ahead of the inspectors

This course helps you to stay one step ahead of the inspectors. It charts a route through the multiple data sources available to schools, including RAISEonline, the key source of data for Ofsted inspectors. The course shows you how to customise graphs and pupil lists in RAISE online to support what you want to say about your school pupil performance and how to counter the misuse of performance data.

Newly arrived EAL pupils

This course provides step by step guidance on dealing with new arrivals of beginners in English in the classroom. It addresses the full range of beginners in English, from those with no prior schooling to those with successful experience of education and strong literacy skills in their mother tongue.

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